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Melanie B (Melanie Brown) > Albums & Lyrics

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Hot Album
  1. Feels So Good
  2. Tell Me
  3. Hell No
  4. Lullaby
  5. Hotter
  6. Step Inside
  7. ABC 123
  8. I Believe
  9. I Want You Back
  10. Pack Your Shit
  11. Feel Me Now
L.A. State Of Mind Album
  1. Today
  2. Stay In Bed Days
  3. Beautiful Girl
  4. Music Of The Night (Perdido)
  5. If I Had My Life Again
  6. In Too Deep
  7. Sweet Pleasure
  8. L.A. State Of Mind
  9. Say Say Say
  10. Bad, Bad Girl
  11. Hold On
Melanie Janine Brown (now Gulzar) was born May 29th 1975 in Leeds. Her mother Andrea (check her out in the "Mama" clip) is white and her father is from the Carribean island of Nevis. In her childhood, she danced and played the drums (she still carries her drumsticks wherever she goes). She got in a lot of trouble because of her "in your face" attitude. She also thought people called her "Brown" because of her skin, but of course it was because of her last name.

Her first job was as a telemarketer. Then she moved to London to try to get a break in the entertainment business. She appeared on a show called "Coronation Street", and met Mel C. when they were both dancers for a music group. Like the other Spice Girls, she answered an add in a paper called "The Stage", went to the audition, and was selected because of her great voice and looks. What about her tongue? One day in 1996 she decided to pierce it and she had it done that same day!!!!!

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